Our Practice

General Practice

The Firm’s general practice includes diverse services ranging from rendering legal advisement to individual and corporate clients, retainer services, contract drafting, conflicts-prevention, prosecution and defense, relating to all areas of legal queries concerning civil, criminal, commercial, political, labor, special proceedings, tax and international law. Mindful of the vigorous and ever changing needs of today’s individuals and businesses, the Firm has consistently rendered general legal services with responsive and professional exigency to clients from all backgrounds.

Commercial & Corporate law

The Firm has extensive experience in all corporate work such as business set-up, government compliance, incorporation and corporate governance, formation of branches/representative offices/regional headquarters and subsidiaries, joint venture agreements, shareholders agreements, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate secretary assistance. Other major areas of corporate work include corporate rehabilitation, arbitration and insolvency.


The Firm has an intensive litigation practice, handling a wide range of administrative, civil, special civil, criminal, and special proceeding cases before administrative agencies, quasi-judicial bodies, regular courts in various Philippine territorial jurisdictions from the National Capital Region to all other Provincial regions, Metropolitan Trial Courts, Regional Trial Courts, Special Courts, the Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court. The Firm has successfully represented individuals and private corporations.

Labor Law

The Firm has an active labor practice for management and the workforce alike, with extensive experience in drafting employment contracts, company policies and manuals, prevention and prosecution of labor disputes, and assisting in collective bargaining for small to large entities alike.

Intellectual Property

The Firm, a member of the Intellectual Property Association of the Philippines (IPAP), has a growing Intellectual Property Department that handles registration, maintenance and protection of trademarks, copyrights and patents. It has a wide-range practice on inter-partes cases filed before the Intellectual Property Office, as well as in Intellectual Property (IP) litigation for infringement and unfair competition before the regular courts.


The Firm represents its clients before government agencies, such as but not limited to, the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation, Department of Justice, Department of Foreign Affairs and other agencies responsible for the enforcement of laws affecting the authorized stay of aliens in the Philippines. The Firm also represents its clients before Philippine courts and administrative agencies in relation to petitions for the acquisition, recognition and reacquisition of Philippine citizenship, among others.

Maritime & Aviation Law

The Firm renders legal assistance on relevant transportation laws and on matters relating to rules and regulations issued by government agencies, such as the Land Transportation Office, Land Transportation and Franchising Regulatory Board, Air Transportation Office, Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines, and Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA). The Firm also represents its clients before said government agencies, involving claims for death or injury of passengers, loss or damage to cargo and property.


The Firm’s varied tax practice includes legal advice and assistance on matters involving Philippine national and local taxation, specifically, tax implications of commercial transactions undertaken by individuals, various corporate structures/organizations and of international tax treaties. The Firm also represents its clients before the Bureau of Internal Revenue and the tax courts for protests and claims for refund and tax credit, and before the Bureau of Customs involving issues on customs law, tariffs and duties. The Firm also assists its clients on matters relating to estate planning and administration.


The Firm represents its clients in actions involving claims on life and non-life insurance, providing for legal advice and assistance on the relevant insurance laws, rules and regulations issued by the Insurance Commission.

Banking & Finance

The Firm’s banking and finance practice includes legal advice and assistance relating to rules and regulations governing Banking and Finance, such as regulations issued by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. The Firm also provides its clients with legal advice and assistance relating to syndicated loans, cross-border loans and project finance agreements.

Foreign Investment

The Firm determines for clients the most suited corporate vehicle by which its investments may be duly conducted in the Philippines. Assistance extends to ensuring that the entity or corporate vehicle complies with the Foreign Investments Act, Retail Trade Liberalization Law and other relevant laws, which provide for compliance and ownership requirements for nationalized business activities. The Firm also assists its clients in its registration for investment incentives with the Board of Investments, Philippine Economic Zone Authority and other Special Economic Zones. Assistance extends to the registration of foreign public and private loans, registration of foreign investments with the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.

Merger & Acquisitions

The Firm assists clients in possible mergers and acquisitions of businesses, from due diligence reports, government compliance, negotiations, to the actual merger and acquisition processes.

Real Estate Transactions

The Firm provides its clients with legal advice and assistance on matters relating to real estate and construction, including condominiums, subdivisions and other developments, duly representing them before various government agencies such as the Register of Deeds, House and Land Use Regulatory Board, and Bureau of Internal Revenue.

Estate Planning & Administration

The Firm has had a growing number of estate planning and administration cases, for both local and foreign clients, rendering advice on estate distribution and management, in relation to tax implications.

Civil Law

The Firm has thorough knowledge of Philippine civil law, from the effect and application of laws, human relations, persons and family relations, obligations and contracts, sales, property, ownership, wills and succession. Such breadth of practice enables the Firm to protect, prosecute and defend any and all cases premised on civil rights.

Appellate Practice

The Firm handles cases brought on Appeal before any administrative, quasi-judicial and judicial bodies including the Regional Trial Courts, Department of Justice, Court of Appeals, Supreme Court, Metropolitan Trial Courts, Court of Tax Appeals, Civil Service Commission, Securities and Exchange Commission, Central Board of Assessment Appeals, and Land Registration Authority. The Firm’s strategic and radical approach to cases on appeal has successfully won for its clients reversals of lower court’s and administrative bodies’ decisions.

Public Service Law

The Firm assists clients in securing a certificate of public convenience from the Public Service Commission for the intention of operating and managing common carriers, sub-way motor vehicles, either for freight or passenger and the like.